Richard L. Jackson
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Services & Rates

Single Person training

30 minutes: $30.00
60 minutes: $40.00
90 minutes: $50.00

     During these sessions, you and I will be working hard to attack and strive towards your goals! The time is yours! I will make sure that you are getting all you want and need out of the designated time of your choosing!! You can choose to stretch prior to your arrival if you want to get right to it and get to work! If you chose to stretch with me, that is absolutely fine! We will stretch and then get right to work! I will say that we will stretch one final time at the conclusion of our workout to ensure no harm and minor soreness to the muscles. 




Group Training

30 minutes: $20.00
60 minutes: $30.00
90 minutes: $40.00

GROUP TRAINING: Pay Price by Person 

This is paid by person. For example, if you schedule a 30-minute group training with 5 people, all 5 people will be paying $20 a piece.   I do encourage everyone to make sure they have relatively the same goals in mind that way everyone can get the best out of the experience. We will have a blast and incorporate a competitive side to help push everyone beyond their limits to make progress. 

Skills Training

30 minutes: $30.00
60 minutes: $40.00
90 minutes: $50.00

You want to perfect your basketball craft? Want to get better footwork for football or soccer? Want to get faster and able to run longer for cross country, track and field, or just want more athletically inclined this is the training for you!! We will get down to the nitty gritty to make sure you're in your bag!!

Military Preparation

1 hour: $50

Hey solider! Yes you! You have Basic Training coming up and we have to make sure you are Prepared to the best of your abilities to ensure that you're mentally and physically prepared to make that time away a breeze! You will be taught the ends and outs of your specified branch, get worked to the max. I assure you that you will not regret this preparation! 


Virtual Sessions

30 minutes: $30.00
60 minutes: $40
90 minutes: $50

Virtual Sessions will consist of any training you would like to do due to any inconvenience of your availability to do in person sessions.  Even those these are virtual, there will still be benefits to this type of session. It will be alternate at home workouts. if there's any type of equipment you have, please inform me and we will use those in the workouts. If not, it is not a problem.